Equipment and games hire for a party

Parties are events which are organized where people gather to celebrate an event together. These parties are held to celebrate different kinds of events ranging for festive occasions like Christmas, New Year to the wedding, anniversary parties. While the event for which a party is most frequently organized is a birthday party for children, there are many parties which are held for adults . Depending on the budget and resources available to the party organizer, they can arrange for different kinds of food, games and slushie machine hire for the party, to make the party a memorable occasion.

Most parties are associated with food, so depending on the profile of the people or children attending the party, suitable arrangements have to be made for food and beverages. Paper plates and disposable glasses are also required for serving food to those attending the party. There should be suitable seating arrangements made for those who are attending the party, if needed chairs or sofas may have to be hired. The room or area where the party is held should be decorated to show that a celebration is being held, so party decor supplies are an essential part of the supplies.

The first step includes finalizing how many children or adults are attending the party. Then one or more rooms of the house should be cleared. Seating arrangements made so that they can accommodate all those who are attending the party. It is advisable to clean the rooms in the house, especially the entrance area, and windows so that the party attendees do not comment on the condition of the house. All valuable items which are kept outside should be locked away before the party begins. For a children’s party, it is advisable not to keep any fragile item out, since the children may break it.

Increasingly party organizer is interested in equipment hire to make the party a more memorable and enjoyable experience for the party attendees. A large number of different kinds of equipment like popcorn machines, fairy floss, daiquiri or slushy, soft serve machines and chocolate fountains are offered by specialized party rental firms like New Trend party hire. Other equipments for entertainment include photo booths, karaoke, Jukeboxes. A DJ can also be hired. The company will install the equipment for the party, and the rental charges usually vary depending on the duration of the rental.

While it is simple to organize some indoor games for the party like musical chairs or pass the parcel, for other games, it is better to hire games from the party hire company. The company has a large number of games available for both children and adults. Some of the games for children are Giant Chess, Giant Connect 4, Giant Scrabble, Giant Corn-hole, Giant Jenga. One of the advantages of using the giant version of the game is that a more significant number of children can play the game at a time. For adult parties, mini-golf is a popular game, and the party hire firm will install the game for the party organizer.

The first woman to climb a trad route

Hazel is one of the few women in the world pushing the limits of trad climbing. The first woman to climb a trad route at the British grade E9, and sending routes with loose rock, sketchy gear, and run-outs with serious fall potential, are testimony to Hazel’s incredible mental strength. Hazel has red-pointed grade 33 and onsighted 29, she has free climbed El Capitan three times, and has more recently extended her climbing to alpine and winter routes. Come and hear how this unassuming 25 year old keeps a cool head on the scariest of climbs.

Hazel Findlay has been climbing for most of her life, mostly trad climbing on the limestone sea cliffs of South Wales. She dabbled in competition climbing – she was the British junior champion six times – but at 16 decided to give it up to focus on climbing on rock, especially trad climbing which is her main passion. Hazel has been a full time climber on the North Face team for the last three years, which has allowed her to travel all over the world climbing cool pieces of rock.

The film ‘Spice Girl’ features Hazel on super sketchy sea cliffs and also teams up with Emily Harrington to climb massive walls in Morocco.

You’ve gotta love her classic line in the film about some gear placements:

Sometimes you put one in and you chuckle to yourself a little bit because you’re like, ‘That’s just hilariously shit, why are you even bothering?


‘Around the World and Back Again’
5.30pm Friday 17 October, Paddy Pallin Stage

“I came to Australia when I had just finished school at the age of 19 and I absolutely loved it. Despite living in the dirt of the Pines, picking vegetables to scrape by, I fell in love with the lifestyle of a full-time climber.

Now I’m back in Australia as a professional climber. I’d like to talk about some of the adventures I’ve had in between these two trips, the successes, the failures, the places and the people. Although I’ve done a lot and seen a lot in those six years my passion for climbing is still the same.”

If you’d like to learn more about having the mental strength to climb like Hazel, join her for a discussion group on Mental Training Practices for Climbers on Sunday 19 October at 3.45pm. Hazel will also be on the panel for the Hot Topic seminar on The Changing Face of Women in Climbing (Saturday 2pm). Get the chance to meet Hazel and Cedar for coffee at the Festival Cafe at 9.15am on Friday morning – a great way to start your festival weekend!

Evolve Yoga Festival Australia 2016

If you are a Yoga and Health fan, then Evolve Yoga Festivals for the year 2016 is something you should closely watch out for.  Evolve is an awesome and affordable community celebration of Yoga in Australia. The event brings together amazing line up of international and national renowned presenters, food, music, talks all at one amazing location that will inspire you to continue the Yogic journey.

Below are the three locations you can attend the Evolve Yoga Festival in 2016.

  • Evolve Yoga Festival Byron Bay 2016 – Saturday 23rd January 2016
  • Evolve Yoga Festival Melbourne 2016 – TBA
  • Evolve Yoga Festival Sydney 2016 – TBA

Tickets and Pricing

The event is moderately priced at a $40 for online early bird booking until the 31st of December and $50 until 22nd Jan (online) and $60 on the door. So if you are keen about the event don’t miss out saving that extra money by booking early. Check out the official website of Evolve Yoga Festival here. Stay tuned to their official website for more information, tickets and news about the event.

Do not forget to take your Yoga Mats. We recommend Yoga Mat Store Australia to buy mats online. Hope you enjoy the awesome Yoga Festival and feel free to let us know your experience. For more such awesome events in Australia, stay tuned.

New Years Eve Celebrations Melbourne

Melbourne is awaiting the New Years Eve 2016 and waiting the celebrate the day. We recon there are several awesome events across the city of Melbourne and the major suburbs. With communities, groups, parties and general public all celebrating the wonderful eventful day, it is great to be outdoors and bask in light of fireworks! For more information on NYE celebrations we recommend to check out The City Of Melbourne website and some awesome resources like nye fireworks melbourne and NYE events.